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      How to repair the transformer winding machine


      Winding machine is extensively used in transformer manufacturing enterprises, enterprises in the use of the process of winding machine will inevitably happen some problems, for the enterprise also should have the ability to solve these problems, so as not to affect the normal production and development of the enterprise, failure in winding machine we are going to have to make a clear judgment, but also know how to repair,

      Here to specifically talk about the common failures of winding machine and its maintenance methods, I hope to help you


      1. Main faults of winding machine

      Coiling machine basic fault classification, electrical, mechanical, transmission, pneumatic, this several, including electrical part is divided into strong, weak current, and winding machine manufacturer in the design of the CNC system in use and maintenance, with consideration of vulnerability, easy fault can give alarm, alarm circuit after work, on the one hand, on the screen or operating panel to make any noise, light, such as alarm information,

      On the other hand, a protective instruction is issued to power off or stop the system to ensure safety and prevent fault enlargement

      2, the machine reset method

      Under normal circumstances the coiling machine caused by transient failure the machine error, available hardware reset or switch power supply system in order to eliminate malfunction, if the system working storage area due to voltage instability, dial the plug-in circuit board or rectifier chaotic on-off power supply voltage, it must be initialized to the system to clear, should pay attention to ready before removing the current data backup records,

      If the fault cannot be ruled out after reset initialization, hardware replacement diagnosis is carried out.

      3. Compilation type operation program method

      A reasonable program and run the success is in good condition or not on the basis of the whole system function, some winding parameter setting error may cause system fault or a function is invalid, sometimes caused by the user program error downtime, this can use operation inspection, correction of errors, the user program to ensure its normal operation.

      4, make good use of the adjustable parts

      Such as winding tension, screen voltage, starting position of the row wire frame and other high parts of the adjustment, in maintenance is a simple but concrete way, through the adjustment of the adjustable parts, correct some harmless faults.

      For example, in an enterprise to maintain a winding machine that has been used for many years, the system display screen is dark and normal after adjusting the power supply voltage on the screen.

      5. Spare parts replacement method

      In the maintenance of winding machine, replace the suspected faulty parts with good spare parts. After the maintenance personnel basically determine the cause of the fault, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the fault range, and make the winding machine quickly put into normal operation, and then return the bad parts to repair. This is the most commonly used troubleshooting method at present.

      6, improve environmental quality law

      For some strange fault, replace with exclusion method also can not find out the reason, often require from the surrounding environment, the environment in general is divided into two kinds, adopting the voltage regulator power supply power supply, to improve from power fluctuations, for some high interference from the power supply capacitor filter method can be used, through these preventive measures to reduce the fault caused because of the power supply,

      It is also necessary to increase and check whether the grounding is good. There are many reasons for interference, such as dust, gas, foundation floating, vibration, space interference and so on. Experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment are needed to detect and maintain the grounding.

      7, maintenance information tracking method

      According to the actual work of the winding machine and the previous fault records, it can be found that the occasional fault caused by the design or production process defects of the winding machine can be solved by constantly modifying and improving the system software or hardware.

      These modifications are continuously provided to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information.

      Through these customer feedback, this can be used as the basis for troubleshooting, correct, completely root out the fault.

      8. In short, the first step of winding machine maintenance is to determine the real cause of the fault and the fault location as soon as possible according to the fault phenomenon. There is no strict boundary between these fault handling methods and the actual use.

      Its effect mainly depends on the experience of the maintenance technician and the depth of his understanding and mastery of the system principle and structure.

      This is not only the maintenance personnel must have the quality, but at the same time puts forward high demands on maintenance personnel, it requires that the CNC coiling machine maintenance personnel familiar with the structure and design idea of winding machine, familiar with the performance of the CNC coiling machine, only in this way, can quickly find out the cause of the problem, determine the location of the fault, in addition, the maintenance to for some circuits and parts in the field of surveying and mapping,

      As a senior maintenance personnel should also have a certain ability to draw engineering drawings.

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